Bending over is a thing of the past. Our process was designed, studied, and then redesigned to save Ironworker's backs, arms, wrists, and lungs from the traditional methods to weld stud shear connectors.
Safety doesn't have to mean less productivity or cost more than the traditional method. The New Rule Process set of solutions is the most efficient way to weld studs on flat deck or corrugated metal deck.
Our Time Current Lift Plunge on-board Analyzer gives workers real time feedback on every weld and prevents your workers from welding if the optimal conditions aren't met. We also reduce waste.


Never worry about stud welding holding up another job again. With NRP your workers are safe and the work is bulletproof.
Lightweight + Durable
The Stud Cart 2.0, our latest prototype is 1/3 the weight, easy to move, and carries your most essential tools.
Your Ferrule Solution
Ferrules pre-packaged in our patented ferrule master boxes. Workers can place ferrules 5-10 times faster with our process from the upright position.

From Those That Tested & Studied It...

Dan Anton, PT, PhD
CPWR Solutions Research
The New Rule Products Stud Welding system allows welding of shear studs to be done while standing in a more upright position.  The articulating arm’s operating handle is at chest level eliminating the need to bend over while stud welding.  Additionally, the articulating arm requires minimal force to operate and is attached to the mobile cart so workers do not need to carry the welding gun. Safety and health experts believe that reducing the amount of time a worker spends in a stooped posture may reduce the risk of low back injuries.  The alternative stud welding system minimizes stooped postures from the stud welding process.
Gerry Martin
Founder New Rule Products
"I invented the New Rule Method because I knew there had to be a better way. Conventional shear stud welding requires ironworkers to maintain a stooped and often stressful position for many hours a day. I knew there had to be a better solution. In addition to the stopped stress on their backs, their arms, wrists, and fingers are also subject to musculoskeletal disorders over time. Lastely, and one of the most concerning was the proximity of their face, often with no protective gear, to the weld fumes. Our solution was to invent a safety solution to keep our ironworkers safe and in the end we developed a more effieincet process with built in quality assurance.
Dr. Nathan Fethke
CPWR Researcher
"The stud cart with an articulated arm supporting the heavy welding gun, allows workers to spend more time upright and less time bent over at the waist, exposed to extreme trunk flexion. Workers using the alternative system spent less than 5% of work time bent at angles greater than 60°, while workers using the conventional approach spent 40% of the their time in such extreme trunk postures. The workers’ mean trunk inclination angle was less than 10° using the alternative system, but 34.4° using the conventional approach."

We Are Your Complete
Stud Welding Solution.

Corrugated Deck
The first thing people ask is "how does it roll on corrugated deck?"The answer to that is that it glides smoothly across corrugated deck with our patented technology. You can push it with 1 hand.
Whether a bridge, building, or stadium, our stud welding solutions can get the job done with safety built in, effieiency, and quality.
Full Service Accessories
With over 40 years servicing the commercial construction industry, we have the knowledge and distribution for your entire commercial stud welding supply needs.


NRP has innovated a new set of tools to revolutionize stud welding, and it all started with a better way to place ferrules. The complete ferrule solution includes our patented Ferrule Packaging, The Ferrule Master, and The efficient system to place ferrules from the upright, ergonomic position.


The Ferrule Master accurately and quickly dispenses Ferrules with out patented Ferrule Master Dispenser.


Our Ferrules come pre-packaged with 1008 pieces per box to allow 1 ironworker to load ferrules.


The Ferrule Master, Packaging, and Materials all ride on top the stud cart making work a lot more efficient.


We are looking for preferred stud welding partners that weld more than 1 million studs per year.

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